Shaping spaces through imaginative design and personal attention.

A collaboration between Jeff Simon and Z. I. Sanchez of zStudio. We are a boutique interior design and architecture firm that specializes in the planning and design of commercial and residential projects with emphasis on imaginative design and a personalized service. We take pride in collaborating with clients, colleagues and contractors. We adapt our skills to the client’s taste and objectives, the special constraints of the project, and shape their spaces to create the desired experience.

Jeffrey Simon Architecture & Design and zStudio offer a customized team of architects and designers dedicated to understanding our client’s needs and generating imaginative design. We provide a consistent vision and leadership throughout the project while collaborating with clients and contractors to achieve the vision.

Experienced working with small businesses and Fortune 500 clients, JSA&D knows how to fulfill great expectations within strict corporate budgets by merging personalized project management with imaginative design. Commercial and residential end-users come to us for services such as Interior Design refurbishment, new installations, Architectural renovation, retro-fitting, or building from the ground up. Our clients have been satisfied with a personalized, hands-on service from a customized team of creative, analytical and collaborative designers that can envision and execute balanced solutions born out of experience and prioritizing our clients’ goals.


JSA&D integrates these three disciplines to form a lasting bond with our clients and between project facets such as the exterior design with respect to the interior, or the interior space from an architectural point of view. This affords a broad approach and a lasting design.

As a team of experienced communicators, we coordinate projects reliably, cost efficiently, and with a focus on the details for win/win solutions. We build trust with our clients by being honest about what we know, and humble about what we can do. Our imaginative designs are backed by knowledge built from years of experience.

Successful architecture and interior design requires a balance between design, budget, technology, schedule and philosophy. JSA&D creates the equilibrium between these often-diverse elements resulting in harmonious projects and satisfied clients.