A Non Profit Organization

This Philanthropic Organization asked their benefactor if they could expand and move. Without hesitation he told them, ”Call Jeff Simon".  This started a relationship spanning more than a decade. JSA&D studied 12 different locations until they found an ideal situation with one flaw.  The landlord insisted on using his own contractors to build the space, which often results in "fighting city hall" with respect to cost and quality controls.  During lease negotiations, Jeff prepared a preliminary construction document based upon the test fit and the landlord's standards.  Extra elements were identified to prompt the landlord to quote the extra costs, allowing these to become part of the negotiations.  Final designs and Construction Documents were then prepared using the preliminaries as a guide.  The process went so smoothly that the landlord has recommended JSA&D to other tenants.  It also marked the first project of many for Birthright Israel as they have expanded and/or modified their space.