Originally introduced to this Charter School to be their advocate while a Developer had promised to build a building to suit the school's needs, Jeff had to redesign the entire layout.  For example, the Developer’s Architect put the art room in the cellar and the music room beside the library.  Other serious concerns led the Charter School to withdraw from the deal and JSA&D was engaged to make changes to their existing building over the summer to accommodate next year's entering students.  When the School's Real Estate team and Attorney identified a new and good Developer to renovate an old industrial building for the Bronx Academy of Promise, Jeff was brought in again to rework the floor plan the second Developer suggested and to, again, represent the School's best interests.  This has led to a multi-year relationship between the Jeff and the School including yearly appearances on Career Day to show the kids photos of many careers in the world of design, from schools to bridge design, as well as sneaker and lighting design.  It has been so exciting and rewarding to open little eyes to the possibilities in creative fields.