This major cigar manufacturer, with brands including Macanudo and White Owl, had grown to multiple floors, losing the family feel they had as a smaller company.  "I don't see people on other floors for weeks at a time", complained the Chairman.
Culbro decided to buy a building along Park Avenue South and selected three floors for their needs.  In order to reestablish the lost sense of community, our design created a three story atrium in the center of the space.  The atrium enabled the staff in each department to see the corporation as the sum of its parts and not just as separate cogs

By locating shared amenities off the atrium, such as the finance and administration departments, the conference rooms and the lunchroom, a hub was created, reinforcing identity with the whole corporate community.

The Chairman envisioned an interior design with some old world charm whereas his son, the President, wanted a more modern space. Our design created a contemporary architectural envelope with traditional detailing, utilizing mahogany and brass and featuring their collection of antique cigar store Indians.  To maximize space utilization and continue the open feeling of the atrium, only 5 private offices were built.  The rest of the more than 200 staff were in open workstations, furthering the sense of collaboration.