After JS&D designed an enormous glass-roof swimming pool extension for the Doctor’s Great Neck home, the Client purchased a NYC townhouse and asked, “Where do we put the swimming pool this time?”

Jeff toured the existing building with the Doctor. The property on East 65th Street enters off a modest entry court and down 2 steps to what became the family room level. At the back of this space, you looked down to a backyard 4 feet below. There was also a low ceilinged cellar under this ground floor. Jeff’s solution was to excavate an additional 2 feet of headroom in the cellar and then excavate a lap pool which extends beyond the back wall of the building into a 21’ greenhouse, still maintaining the legal rear yard beyond. Now, the ground floor has a balcony overlooking the swimming pool where the old rear windows had looked out at a normal backyard. The upper floors containing the living room, dining room/open kitchen and bedroom levels are accessed by a renovated stairwell or a newly added private elevator.