National Public Media, sales arm of NPR and PBS, has been working with JSA&D for over 8 years. The original project was to enlarge their offices, taking over a vacant neighboring space. Their requirements included a reception area, guest seating, lunchroom, coffee bar, conference room, gathering space and a visitor touch-down area – all of which were underutilized non-simultaneous uses. Jeff combined those spaces into a Town Center at the entry and heart of the offices creating an active and attractive hub.

After 8 years and a new CEO, NPM needed more directors’ workplaces and less private offices. JSA&D reworked the plan, continuing the theme of open, collaborative spaces, moved the sharing table and their Café and used some clever space planning techniques to enhance the offices that NPM has enjoyed so much. New furniture with lower panels and glass elements also reinforced the openness and resulting staff camaraderie.

Photographer: Martin Benson