This pharmaceutical giant owned a small unused building in the middle of their NJ factories which produced titanium knee and other joint replacements.   They staged a paid competition of Architects to produce design choices for a renovation of the building, turning it into a global HQ for this division.  The one story building had a tiny entry and a small parking lot at its notched corner.

During the tour with 6 competing firms, Jeff whispered to his design associate, " The key to this project is to create a killer entry at that corner."  Our team developed that concept and won the competition.  A grand rotunda was planned for the entry off of which a gentle curving ramp led to conference and seminar spaces, an exhibition operatory to teach visiting doctors how to implant the devices, and a café.  Perimeter executive offices surrounded a large workstation space where we raised the roof and added clerestory windows all around to provide light and a grander space.  This led to numerous assignments from Pfizer renovating office spaces in their buildings along 42nd Street.