PLI, a residential real estate brokerage firm, purposely selected a site on a busy street for their flagship storefront sales office.

Jeff approached the design as if creating a stage set or a window display that tells the “story” of what takes place within.

Jeff says “My Father was a window display artist. His designs were aimed at creating interest to attract passersby and generating customers”.

Jeff used the iconic house shape as a backdrop to a conference table at the window, providing a clear visual message to the public as well as separation and privacy for broker workplaces behind this wall.

Another larger house shape was built at the double height side wall to reiterate the theme.

The space also has a mezzanine accessed by an existing open stair. However, it was challenged by a 42” high wall at its upper edge and 24” of structure below yielding an unappealing visual barrier.

Jeff explains his idea to turn this negative into a positive: “I decided to continue the theme of imitating a house by adding a green metal sloping roof to the face of the mezzanine wall and diminished it’s visual height by placing mirror behind fake railing spindles that matched the existing stair spindles” This design “trick” fools the eye, making the mezzanine seem more open and hammers home the notion that this office is related to residential housing and sales.

Photographer: Martin Benson